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Talitha is a wealth of educational knowledge for both the student and the parent. She provides clear and detailed instruction for activities involving the student, but she also provides 1 on 1 consultation to the parent(s). I am not an educator by vocation so taking on the responsibility of providing primary and supplemental education for my kids was a little scary. Talitha worked with me and helped me better understand the educational tools as well as my children’s reaction to those tools. On top of her strong knowledge of curriculum design and implementation, Talitha is as well read and creative as any person I’ve met. She developed learning tools and a curriculum that used African and African American history as the foundation or backdrop for the learning tools. I will just end by saying that Talitha and her program(s) are an asset to educational community worldwide.


When my daughter was 3 years old in Singapore, she went to Talitha for homeschooling . Talitha had an amazing curriculum in place and a wide range of activities that truly engaged and educated my daughter. The effort and dedication that Talitha put into each session was visible in my daughter’s joy at the end of the session. Talitha was the first teacher my daughter ever had and we could not have asked for better. Talitha was not in Singapore for a long time but my daughter was so lucky to have benefited from her vast knowledge and experience during her time there. I only wish my son had had the same opportunity to learn from her too. Thank you so much Talitha!! You’re an amazing educator.


Talitha is truly an amazing teacher! My son was a student in her Imhotep ISIS class after attending Montessori and AME pre-schools. Talitha’s curriculum and instructional methodology was phenomenal in comparison and far surpassed the instruction he received in these settings. Her teaching philosophy and objectives far exceeded traditional education standards. The growth and development my son experienced under her tutelage was amazing. At 3-4 years old he was reading, learning vocabulary in various languages, well-versed in his heritage and history, and even aware of the planets in our solar system. Talitha’s pedagogy encompasses an academic rigor that allows children to excel, a stellar value system that instills a principled moral compass, and an esoteric wisdom that encourages children to understand their unique, divine place in the universe. I highly recommend Talitha’s academic programs! Her personal commitment to our children’s growth/evolution and her personal character as a mother/educator are commendable.


Our two sons were blessed with the opportunity to work with Mrs. Anyabwelé. Not only did she teach them fundamental academics but also key life lessons life using grit to accomplish goals and how to work with others. We were devasted when their family moved but continue to find opportunities to work together remotely.


Talitha is one of the most amazing educators that I have ever had the privilege of seeing. I have watched her pour vast amounts of knowledge into young people, but more importantly, I have witnessed her pull the best of who they are out of them. She is encouraging and firm. She believes in the best of each of her students and as a result she gets their best. Her practices increase knowledge acquisition, build amazing amounts of confidence, and creates untold joy around the process of learning. The foundation that she sets for young children creates a love for education that will carry them through the rest of their academic career. Any student that is privileged enough to be under her care, will excel far beyond their wildest dreams and develop a love for learning that will the foundation for a lifetime of educational success!


My 1st grade son was having issues with reading. The school assigned him two separate tutors and neither of them were able to help. I hired Talitha to tutor my son outside of the school. After 3 sessions with her his reading scores increased by 15%. Ultimately his scores went up by 30% after about 8 sessions. He not only has More confidence in his reading skills but he actually enjoys it. Talitha was able to determine my son’s learning style and what tactics were most effective with him. we Have used the information that she shared with us to continue helping him with all of his school work. Wr wish That she was still here in Atlanta. You all have gained a very good asset/blessing to your community in Talitha. Thanks again Talitha


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