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If you want your PreK- 6th Grade Imani Geniuses to learn more about “Who We Are” and “From Whom We Come,” while also engaging in STEAM activities, join us in the RISE Summer Virtual Program! The subscription gives you access to activities for eight weeks that we’ll experience together in the RISE Educational Village Facebook Group. This is a complete digital download with a weekly overview, and daily activities for Imani Geniuses in PreK- 6th Grade.


What is the total cost for the entire summer program? The RISE Summer Digital Content Program is $300 and includes 8-weeks of content based on the RISE Curriculum.  The RISE 10-Week program offers Language Arts OR Math and includes the 8-week digital content, plus 10 weeks of custom materials, curated content and tasks on other platforms, live monthly sessions, and preparation for the next level of academic engagement. Each of the two courses is $1100 for the complete 10 weeks, or can be paid in two partial payments of $600.

The live Kindergarten and PreK courses are $336 a month for one course for new enrollees. Math and Reading are offered separately for Kindergarten, and in a cross-curricular format for PreK.

Extra-curricular courses like Spanish, Violin, and Music will be offered for all levels. These courses are taught one to four times weekly, and are offered at a rate of $21 per session.
When do courses begin and end? The summer program will range from June 14th – August 19th at varying times. Each course will have its own schedule within that time frame.
Is my child required to complete the RISE Summer Program? As with everything, it is a choice. Completion of the RISE Summer program ensures your child’s readiness for the next grade level. It also helps to ensure we prevent summer regression.  For the Akan Tribe, however, participation in the RISE Summer Program or an assessment at the end of summer is required to move forward to the next grade level.
How do I sign up? The RISE Summer Program will be on sale on the site beginning June 4, 2021 on a first come, first serve basis.
What is the schedule for the live courses? The Kindergarten and PreK live courses will meet four days a week.  Students can opt to attend all of the live classes, or receive access to the recordings for up to one week after each session. Kindergarten Reading will meet at 1pm EST Mon-Thurs. Kindergarten Math will meet at 2pm EST Mon-Thurs. PreK will meet at 3pm Mon-Thurs. Each session will range from 30-45 minutes. The RISE Digital Program will be at each student’s own pace.


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