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We provide products & services for parents and educators to use that culturally enhance the educational experience for students, in addition to resources that promote academic growth in students by focusing on each child’s unique learning styles and capabilities.

This online curriculum for parents and educators serves as a supplement or base for students’ academic experience.


Does your Imani Genius love to read? Then have them join the “Reading With MiMi Challenge” this summer where each month a new winner will be selected based on number of pages read, presentation of an oral book review, and full participation. Full contest details and registration starts soon!  


The RISE curriculum uses a macro to micro, holistic approach for daily lessons and teaches to every learning style.  I even included a vegan and immune system boosting meal plan as a FREE bonus because a healthy body leads to a thriving mind. There’s an option to purchase a more detailed and customized plan in the RISE Complete Bi-Weekly Lesson Plan as well. The difference in the plans are that the Complete plan includes all of the digital materials necessary to actually execute the plans.

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