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Our mission is to empower students
through cultural and holistic educational resources.

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

- Guinean Proverb


We offer customized Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity Training to private, public, and charter school systems to aid students, educators, administration, and parents in understanding the differences in cultural nuances. We address the specific needs of the educational institution as well as the general concerns we all face as it relates to cultural competence and sensitivity to race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.



The RISE Learning Style Assessment (LSA) is a formal analysis of how your child learns and retains information. It offers insight into their behavioral profile and character development as well. The LSA assesses more than academic benchmarks, but uncovers valuable insight into the holistic development of your child to better aid you in serving as their advocate in every setting.


Many parents and educators are looking for an alternative to either supplement or replace the traditional school setting. The RISE Curriculum offers academic rigor, character development, and a culturally informed scope and sequence to allow students to thrive in a more holistic environment.

Our two sons were blessed with the opportunity to work with Mrs. Anyabwelé. Not only did she teach them fundamental academics, but also key life lessons like using grit to accomplish goals and how to work with others. We were devastated when their family moved, but continue to find opportunities to work together remotely.

-M. Sifo


Raising Imhotep Scholars of Excellence (RISE) is first and foremost a global community and educational village to support families in the holistic educational growth of their children. We all know the proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child.” RISE is one such village. Using the Nguzo Saba as the guiding principles for the RISE Curriculum and Supplemental Consulting Services, each student that becomes a part of our village, no matter their background, learns what it means to be an Imani Genius. It is to be both “faithful and brilliant.”

RISE Imani Geniuses will learn to be fully aware of the world around them, to be knowledgeable of and respect our many cultures, and to love and embrace each other no matter our differences. Recognizing that all of humanity began on one continent, we acknowledge that we are African, and therefore, we are one.

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