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To empower families through cultural
and holistic educational resources.


To provide virtual and tangible cultural
and holistic educational engagement for
students across the globe.

Talitha V. Anyabwelé

Founder & Educator
Raising Imhotep Schools of Excellence


Originally from the West End area of Atlanta, Georgia, Talitha Anyabwelé has lived and worked domestically and abroad where she has consistently trained students, educators, and corporate personnel using her original cultural curriculum to facilitate workshops on Early Education and Cultural Diversity & Sensitivity.

A graduate of Florida A&M University, Anyabwelé began teaching at a private, African-centered school in Tallahassee, Florida. After raising standardized test scores, creating an updated and rigorous curriculum, and implementing spoken word into the classroom to aid in conflict resolution, Anyabwelé was promoted to the role of principal; at the time, serving as the youngest principal in the country. Under her leadership, a comprehensive, academically rigorous, African-centered curriculum was written and implemented which led the school to higher standardized test scores on every grade level and numerous academic accolades, grants, and recognitions.

After serving in the capacity of principal, she was sought to draft the Writing curriculum for middle school students in upstate New York. In this role, she was trained in innovative techniques that are effective in modern education.  Her implemented curriculum and compassionate behavioral modification tactics raised test scores and lowered disciplinary infractions of students with the lowest and highest in the district respectively.

On the heels of her success in New York, Anyabwelé relocated to central Florida where she introduced the adolescent and teacher training workshops to Hillsborough County Schools, the 8th largest school district in the country.  For four years, Anyabwelé worked with hundreds of students, teachers, parents, and administrators on racial reconciliation, conflict resolution, and behavior modification to create the peaceful and enriching environments we all desire in the classroom that can lead to academic success. Her workshops on race and diversity are essential to harmonious educational settings. 

Anyabwelé currently lives in South Florida after living abroad in Singapore; the country with one of the highest ranking educational systems in the world.  There, she founded the  micro-school, ISIS Anyabwelé Academy, to execute her African-centered curriculum, Raising Imhotep Scholars of Excellence (RISE). While there,  she taught local students English, accelerated Mathematics, History, and Science. She replicated the model upon her repatriation in Atlanta and South Florida. 

Anyabwelé values playing a role in “Cultivating the Genius” of Imani Geniuses across the globe. through virtual and in-person educational programming. Her favorite roles, however, are as a wife of more than a decade, and as a mother of two young Imani Geniuses, whom she’s homeschooled since birth almost exclusively. 

My 1st grade son was having issues with reading. The school assigned him two separate tutors and neither of them were able to help. I hired RISE to tutor my son outside of the school. After 3 sessions with the RISE curriculum, his reading scores increased by 15%. Ultimately his scores went up by 30% after about 8 sessions. He not only has more confidence in his reading skills, but he actually enjoys it. RISE was able to determine my son’s learning style and what tactics were most effective with him. We have used the information that she shared with us to continue helping him with all of his school work.

-M. Jacox

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